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Welcome to the Forest School Philippines podcast! My name is Sharon Cortez, a qualified Level 3 Forest School practitioner. In this podcast, join me as we explore forest school as an approach to learning that will enable your child to speak his mind, think for himself, and keep on getting up every time he makes a mistake. For more information, join our socials below:
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We believe that a child's education should be balanced, and not just purely academics. His physical, emotional, social, spiritual development are equally important. Got questions? Send in your voice message here--
Curious about Forest School? Stay tuned as we talk about its ethos and philosophy. This trailer talks about how Sharon Cortez (Level 3 Forest School Leader) started on her journey and what she loves about this type of education. She hosts this Forest School Philippines podcast. "I hope this inspires you to let your kids enjoy their childhood in nat…
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