UFC 275 reaction, Vegas recommendations & one epic true-crime tale

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This week's episode of The Brit Pack: United Nations has a little something for everyone:
Looking for reaction to last weekend's amazing UFC 275 title fights? We've got those.
Want recommendations for places to check out in Vegas during International Fight Week? We've got you covered.
And if you want to hear an incredible true story, brilliantly told, that involves a legendary entertainer, drug dealers and gangsters, then boy do we have an epic tale for you, too!
It's all crammed into a little over an hour of podcasty goodness, and it's all yours, right here, in audio and video form. Enjoy!
After dabbling with running video via Substack, we’ve decided to put our video shows on YouTube, and you can subscribe to get those (plus Simon’s occasional on-the-ground video coverage from events) right here.
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