Nehemiah Griego – both Victim and Murderer?

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On Jan. 18, 2013, 15 year-old Nehemiah Griego shot dead his father, mother, and three siblings. Why?

In “Sins of the System”, Dr. Regina Griego, Nehemiah’s aunt and guardian, lays out his complex family history as well as a broken justice system and the frayed safety nets that failed to save her nephew. It turns out that he was seriously malnourished, beaten two or three times a week by his militaristic father, abused by his mother, and surrounded by loaded weapons of every kind. On the other hand, his crimes were horrific, such as the point-blank murders of his younger brother and sisters.

Please join host Stephen Spitz and author Regina Griego as we explore these troubling crimes.

Produced with assistance of Lynn Schibeci, Elias Henley, Tristan Clum, and Roman Garcia.

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