Cleveland Guardians are in FIRST place in August Like WE ALL EXPECTED! They also Beat the Tigers!

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  1. The Cleveland Guardians beat the Detroit Tigers and are now in first place in August just like everyone expected. We talk about the game, which featured another stellar start by Shane Bieber and Amed Rosario continued to murder baseball for the Guardians. We also talk about the new bit of information that only one player won’t be able to head to Toronto for this weekend's games and what that could mean. We also get into what might occur to allow for the addition of Aaron Civale to start in tomorrow’s matchup.
  2. Next, we dig into who could replace James Karinchak for the trip to Toronto by digging into top AAA performers. The two names that stand out for me right now are Nic Enright and Cody Morris and I explain why both of them could join the team. I then try and get into what has gone so wrong for Eli Morgan.
  3. We end with a discussion about a stellar pitching performance in AAA. Xzavion Curry had a no-hitter into the sixth inning and ended up having allowed just six base runners through six innings. He was then one-upped by Cody Morris who struck out seven of the ten batters he faced allowing just one walk. I also spend some time on why I don’t get the point of calling up Nolan Jones, Will Benson, and Tyler Freeman to let them ride the bench.

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