EP 248: AC/LC Podcrash ft. Aaron Camaro

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Aaron Camaro of Decibel Geek joins Loose Cannon for the premiere ep of AC/LC to bust balls and laugh uncontrollably while discussing their love of Local H and showcasing their favorite tracks. . Mission Statement: Encouraging our listeners to dig into Local H’s catalog for some hard rock gems and see them live!

A 2 piece rock band from Zion, IL, Local H is most known for the late 90’s single “Copacetic” (Bound for the Floor), a song that, in our opinion, does not properly represent their sound or talent. Local H’s lineup consists of Scott Lucas (Vocals/Guitar-Bass) and several (killer) drummers over the years. Originally on Island Records, their albums have been produced by Roy Thomas Baker (Queen), Jack Douglas (Aerosmith), and Steve Albini (Nirvana). Join the fun and hopefully, you discover some new tunes!

Song snippets featured:

High, Wide and Stupid (from Lifers)

Fritz’s Corner (from As Good as Dead)

All the Kid’s are Right (from Pack up the Cats)

Cool Magnet (from Pack up the Cats)

Half-Life (from Here Comes the Zoo)

Creature Comforted (from Here Comes the Zoo)

California Songs (from PJ Soles)

High Fivin’ MF (from As Good as Dead)

Toxic (Britney Spears cover from Alive ‘05)

Gig Bag Road (from Hey Killer)

Demon Dreams (from Lifers)

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