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Biblical Mindset Support for Adoptive Parents Hi Neighbor! Welcome to Anchors of Encouragement. Did you finally realize your dream of having a family only to have your Happily-Ever-After turn into a nightmare? Do you find yourself up late at night wondering why nothing you try as a parent is working? Are you searching for adoption resources and a support team but can’t find any? I’m Tim Maudlin. Husband, adoptive parent, bible class teacher, and The Persistent Encourager. I too felt the joy of having a family of my own and I wished to be like other adoptive families. But something wasn’t right. I knew we were doing our best but nothing seemed to work. And I kept asking myself, why is this happening to us? Life can be tough! Storms in life are inevitable. The key for me was to grab a lifeline from God and my friends. In Anchors of Encouragement, my mission is to throw adoptive parents a lifeline and be your anchor, to offer biblical mindset support, and provide stability when life gets unstable. If you’re ready for real and raw talk that leads to peace beyond comprehension so you not only survive but thrive in life’s storms, this podcast is for you. Hope and Healing are on the way! Your Neighbor, Tim Connect: Community: Instagram:

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