SHEMA HaDAVAR (Hear the Word) by Reggie Lisemby, Executive Servant of Messianic Ministry to Israel

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SHEMA HADAVAR ("Hear the Word") is a podcast of dramatic readings, such as GENESIS 1; MESSIANIC PROPHECIES; DANIEL 1; DANIEL 2; DANIEL 3; PROVERBS; NAMES OF GOD; FAVORITE PSALMS; THE MESSIAHMAS STORY; A GHOST STORY FROM JERUSALEM, and more. Each recording is perfumed with Hebraic terms that gives the hearer a sense of God's Word as He gave it to the biblical authors. The voice is Dr. Reggie Lisemby, the Executive Servant of Messianic Ministry to Israel, a 501(c)3 non-profit mission organization, since 1944. Enjoy the podcast! You're welcome!

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