Overbrook insane asylum and the demons that dwell within explicit

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The paranormal experience I had while, working at Overbook insane asylum . I worked at Overbrook insane asylum from 1988 to 1998 till I had to leave. The things I experienced while working there words cannot explain. The paranormal experience I had at Overbrook still on me to this day. And Overbrook asylum there is such a massive difference working at an open asylum day after day and experience and things that I have heard and seen then going to one that is closed there is no comparison whatsoever. What am I about to tell you now is the truth there are no ghosts, only demonic spirits for they know everything about you your family your past what you like and don't like? They can be whoever they want you to be. You might go to an empty asylum with all logos hung equipment and yes you might hear something but then these are only demonic spirits toying with you and it's sad to see people take it in by this. Be careful on what you ask for cuz you just might get it.

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