Young Voices on Race & Equality with Ryan and Josephine

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Explore Ryan's impressions of his school trip to Malawi, and Josephine's experience as a Malawian student living in Edinburgh. Race and Equality are by far topics that bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together, sharing their voices with the aim to reach one goal : Unity. - Josephine Join us, as two members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership's Youth Festival team, as we discuss some key issues that youth today are facing with regards to these key issues. This podcast is launched as part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership's Youth Festival 2021. Visit the website to hear more young voices across Scotland and Malawi on issues of Climate Change, Race & Equality and Climate Justice. Speakers: Ryan and Josephine Recording & Editing: Scotland Malawi Partnership Music: Tumpale - Nyasa Guruz / Brave Mnyayi

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