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Effortless Gains is an improvised comedy podcast focused on the more ridiculous aspects of running and wellness. The host, Gary Stones, and his niece, Jaimie Stones, will provide listeners with three unique tips per week to improve their running as well as an in-depth interview with an unknown runner or wellness expert. Gary is a single man in his 40’s who achieved little to no real success in athletics as a young man and has continued to achieve little to no success in most of his subsequent endeavors. This hasn’t prevented him from offering advice on achieving effortless gains in running and life to anyone who will listen. Jaimie came to visit Gary from Australia at the beginning of lockdown and has remained here through a combination of parental issues, lockdown restrictions and the fun she has living with Gary. Jaimie is an IT whizz and having listened to Gary’s advice on running and not knowing any better, she suggested producing a podcast for Gary to share his gifts to the world.

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