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Bugling bull elk coming into your calls, rutting mule deer chasing does and belly crawling through cactus to put the sneak on a pronghorn is what western hunting is all about. The work and preparation that goes into a successful western hunt can be endless. Gathering and maintaining hunting gear, learning how to use a elk call or keeping up with hunting hot topics can keep anyone hunter busy throughout the year. My show The Western Hunting Hub Podcast is the hub for hunters that aspire to hunt in the west or hunt a western state every year. Here I dive into gear, hunting tactics and listen to those that are knowledgeable about hunting strategies and have great stories to tell. To continue your pathway to be the best hunter you can be, tune into The Western Hunting Hub Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Also follow me on Facebook @thewesternhuntinghub and on Instagram @westernhuntinghub

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