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English Made Simple #1 podcast for professionals, international students & other awesome non-English speakers planning to live, work or study overseas. Tune in every week to hear from your lovely host Milena who shares her wisdom (as she likes to call it :)) and crazy stories about what life in Australia is really like for a non-English speaker. Milena is an online English coach and is passionate about simplifying English learning for learners who struggle to make conversation. She breaks it down in an easy way for you so you can learn how to make fluent conversations in English without constantly worrying if you're making mistakes. I hope my experience and stories inspire you to continue your own English-learning journey. Let's get crackin' amigos y amigas! Get this FREE gift: *** How To Simplify A Conversation in 3 Easy Steps, Audio Book + 3-day Email course to help you start speaking in English

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