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Exploring the supernatural in this life and the next. Ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, high strangeness, and much more. Ghostly Talk History In 2002, Ghostly Talk was one of the first shows of its kind on the then-budding Internet, long before the term "podcasting" even existed. The Detroit area show started as a project between original show hosts Doug Semig & Scott Lambert (Scott L.) as an outlet to talk about their paranormal experiences and adventures. It became one of the most popular paranormal talk shows on the Internet and gained a larger audience in 2005 when Doug and Scott were guests on Coast to Coast AM when George Noory was broadcasting from Detroit. The first run of the show retired on October 18, 2009. Visit to find those old shows. After a 7-year hiatus, the show rose from the dead in 2016. Current show hosts are Scott L. and Amberrose Hammond, along with occasional appearances from GT original Bonnie Spittler and other guest hosts.

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