Word's Of Encouragement

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Bryan Newberry felt called into the ministry at the age of 15 and was serving as a youth pastor by the age of 19. Three years later, he joined the pastoral staff at Horizon Christian Fellowship. Pastor Bryan started Calvary Chapel San Diego in the South Bay area in September of 1985, at age 24, and continued for 32 years with his wife Cheryl and their four children Renee, Nathan, Charles, and Tracy. He handed off the church to a new senior pastor in January 2018. Bryan has a Words of Encouraging Ministry, which contains his speaking messages on the whole Bible; -radio, television, and current and archival messages. He has also joined with the Poimen Ministry, which is a ministry designed to help senior pastors as a support ministry for church transitions, coaching, and interim pastoring. Bryan has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy Religion and Biblical Studies, a minor in Youth Ministries, and a continuing study in Apologetics. Pastor Bryan is often used as a conference and retreat speaker. He also has a vision for missions and frequently holds pastor’s conferences to support churches in Europe and South America.

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