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AMP Radio presents several podcasts with some of the biggest names in MMA Junkie Radio. Smack My Picks Up goes over some of MMA’s biggest cards with the likes of UFC, Bellator, Invicta FC, LFA, PFL & Titan. Another MMA Podcast interviews some of the industry’s biggest journalists & insiders, TV personalities, MMA fighters and artists. Our hosts Prodeus, Pam, Marco from Waco, Lerone & DJ Tony attempt to give their takes on the world of mixed martial arts with a sense of humor. We are fans who love the sport giving their take of fans and not of lead reporters of staff writers who go behind the scenes of one of the fastest-growing sport . With the MMA Minute we go over MMA news and headlines about the biggest names in MMA in about a minute. We know your busy and need to consume top MMA headline news quickly. @KNICKsKICKZnMMA @Proados @maldomarco @ImDJTony @pamdoraboxx @AnotherMMACast

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