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Host Jonathan Groubert and WBEZ have teamed up to bring back the revered program, The State We're In. In Season 1 of this podcast reboot, you'll hear astonishing true and personal stories from all over the globe. The sonically beautiful, and narratively gripping "talkumentary" program brings you guests who will amaze you, break your heart or leave you laughing -- sometimes, all at once. If you're a fan of This American Life, or captivating storytelling in general, you'll want to be sure to s ...
The Paper Machete is a free, weekly “live magazine” covering pop culture, current events and American manners. Part spoken-word show, part vaudeville revue, The Paper Machete features comedians, journalists, storytellers and musical guests performing in the back room of a Chicago bar. The show was created and hosted by writer Christopher Piatt (pronounced like hot apple PIE-it). In June 2011 The Chicago Reader named The Paper Machete “Best Comedy Variety Show of 2011.” The Paper Machete podc ...
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Douglass Park in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood is now home to three of the city’s biggest music festivals. Residents have been organizing to evict them from the park because the festivals block access. Host: Clare Lane; Reporter: María Inés ZamudioΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
This summer, more kids were able to stay in early intervention programs and get ready for school. Thanks to a new state law, kids who turn 3 over the summer don’t need to be cut from an important early intervention program. Host: Melba Lara; Reporter: Susie AnΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
A federal judge is holding the Illinois Department of Corrections in contempt for its failures to provide healthcare for incarcerated people. Alan Mills, an attorney involved in the lawsuit, explains the significance of the contempt order. Host: Melba Lara; Producer: Rob WildeboerΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
You may have heard about the Great Resignation sweeping across the country right now as people reprioritize their lives following the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, the Chicago City Council isn’t immune to the trend. Host: Mary Dixon; Reporter: Mariah WoelfelΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
Different parts of the country have been experiencing fires, floods, and extreme heat. We find out how they’re all connected, in our weekly climate conversation. Host: Melba Lara; Guest: Dr. Scott CollisΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
The Republican-controlled Senate approved its bill with three restrictions over the weekend, but just barely. As it moves to the more conservative Indiana House this week – it’s uncertain whether those restrictions will survive. Host: Lisa Labuz; Reporter: Michael PuenteΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
According to data analysis by a climate science communication group called Climate Central, summer nights are warming faster than days in the United States. Dr. Andrew Pershing, Director of Climate Science there, helps us take a look at how hot it’s getting close to home. Host: Melba Lara; Producer: Lauren Frost…
Chance the Rapper stopped by the Vocalo studios on June 30 to chat with on-air hosts Bekoe, Ayana Contreras and Nudia Hernandez. He lays out his reasons for purchasing The Chicagoist news website, possible future plans for it and discusses his civic education endeavors.Από τον Chicago Public Media
For generations, hip-hop music has been blamed for violence and other social ills. Rapper and scholar A.D. Carson give us a brief history of the scapegoating of rap music. Host: Mary Dixon, Bekoe; Producer: Cianna GreavesΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
A Chicago bakery had to throw away more than 2,000 croissants because an unusual dry season had changed the flour the bakery was using. Aimee Levitt reported on this incident for Eater Chicago, and about how climate change is making its way into bakeries. Host: Melba Lara; Producer: Lauren FrostΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
The Illinois governor said he wouldn’t oppose President Joe Biden, and he lacks the name recognition of other potential candidates. But he’s hitting the national circuits. Host: Araceli Gomez-Aldana; Reporter: Dave McKinneyΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
The high school in Highland Park is now serving a bleak new purpose: it is a resource center for those traumatized by the mass shooting that shook the town on Monday. Host: Mary Dixon; Reporter: Mariah WoelfelΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
Multiple people were killed and many others wounded when a gunman started shooting 10 minutes after the Highland Park Fourth of July parade kicked off Monday morning, authorities said. Host: Lisa Labuz; Reporter: Sarah KarpΑπό τον Chicago Public Media
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