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2 dudes that know they know nothing but are pros at acting like they know it all, bring story after story about everything Ufo, Conspiracy and/or Murder, to be laughed at, pondered upon, screamed at, hell, some minds may even change. It could happen! So welcome to the show made by idiots, specifically for smart people!
No UFOs is a bi-monthly 2-hour podcast that takes inspiration from the 30+ year old history of House & Techno and their sub genres, their cultures and subcultures, their legendary protagonists and unhyped talents. No UFOs is about remembering long-forgotten gems; it’s about discovering old rarities and brand new music. It’s about the B-sides that rarely gets played and music that seldom is heard in a club near you. No UFOs is about recovering the magic of those moments. with Nick DK (Be As O ...
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Frederick Valentich spit in the eye of the fates by entering their domain in nothing more than a tin can with wings. We'll, on this unfortunate occasion, the gods spit back. Someone's gonna lose a motherfucking eye!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
Whether you tend to believe in cryptozoological beings or not, you have to admit, the stories they produce are just plain fun. Also, one of these things drinks the marrow out of its own leg bones! Yay!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
Ghosts and Japan are of course not exclusive lovers, but they are the most enviable couple. Stupid Japan, I bet I would treat ghosts better and ghosts would feel so much more complete with me. Who am I kidding? They're a glorious pair...Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
We skim through much of the american classic of children's literature, The Anarchists Cookbook. Get those taste buds warmed up with some home made mescaline in preparation for some society toppling!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
Warning now, don't say I didn't give you one! This episode contains extremely difficult to hear details of extremely violent rape and torture. If those things bother you, I'll just leave you with a Merry Christmas Krampus Time!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
Hi. How are you? Im fine. A litttle sleepy maybe. Think I might listen to this new episode of snhnsn. You should probably get out of here. Im takin my pants off. Fine stick around. See if i care. I do care. Maybe. Yes.Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
Here's a new remix of the episode that you can actually listen to till the end! Thanks for all the emails letting me know how badly the upload fucked up! You are all very wonderful people!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
On this episode, James keeps on topic better than Chris or I ever possibly could. You want to talk about two little girls stabbing another little girl almost to death? But you came to the right place! Yay!Από τον Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios
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