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Welcome Back, Fellas, more so Brandon. We've had a little hiatus as Brandon had contracted COVID 19. Fully recovered and healthy again we are back in lab! We catch up a little bit and Brandon talks about how having COVID was and how his road to recovery. We also speak a bit about the anniversary of Kobe's passing. Its affected Brent harder because …
On todays episode we discuss bullying. All the different forms of it and if it is necessary for molding us into tougher individuals to take on this unforgiving world. We also tell a few stories from our pasts where bullying bullying took place. EnjoyΑπό τον Committed MENtality
On todays episode we talk a bit about police brutality because yet again another innocent life was taken at the hands of the police. Rest in peace Casey Goodson Jr. Another young citizen that pays for police protection (like the rest of us) gunned down carrying food into his home by police because he "fit a description." When will this stop? Should…
On todays episode I pose a question about God and we delve a bit into the world of Christianity and talk a bit about things that we grew to question as we've matured over the years. Questioning life and what we were taught growing up are some of our favorite conversations. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!Από τον Committed MENtality
On todays episode we talk basketball!! Discussing new rosters around the league, players coming back from injury and potential players moving as well as how the NBA is going to function with Covid and the potential for trams opening up their stadiums. A little bit of football is sprinkled in there too lol. Enjoy.…
On todays episode we talk about times in our life when we thought we might actually die. These conversations are fun to have because we get to reminisce about times that we now can laugh at, but when they were happening was no laughing matter. Enjoy.Από τον Committed MENtality
On todays episode we talk about the recent Joe Rogan episode where he interviewed Kanye West. From a hip hop stand point we all love Kanye, but outside of that we all know he's been a little misunderstood (to say the least), but we still love him! Enjoy.Από τον Committed MENtality
On todays episode we talked a bit about relationships and the dynamics of our own relationships. We then ventured into other topics all while trying to get out and catch the rest of the game (that I cant remember of who was playing). Enjoy.Από τον Committed MENtality
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