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A person named Allison Gill, a former longtime Facebook Friend has branded Ted a Super Nazi, because he liked Dave Chappelle's SNL monologue, and THEY did not. (Pronoun Uncertain) Even though Ted has never uttered an antisemitic word in his life. Ted responds. ALSO Bernard Dixon and Ted Review DAVE on SNL, Wakanda Forever and Atlanta…
Grace returns to discuss getting back to college life a after 17 month Covid isolation. We also talk about how her generation keeps sending Baby Boomer norms, ideas and regulations back to the kitchen because those trends are stale and so not what they're having at all.Από τον Ted Lyde
Bernard Dixon Jr. joins Ted Lyde to discuss the George Floyd murder, the Ahmaud Arbery Murder and how Amy Cooper called 911, hoping cops would come and kill a black bird watcher for talking to her. And how trump feeds unfettered hatred with his nonstop racist rhetoric and dog whistles.Από τον Ted Lyde
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