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Making dollars and sense out the south Florida real estate market. Deep data, local information, and local knowledge from a real estate agent with daily market contact. Helps Buyers and Sellers learn about the market so they can make the best decision when it comes time to Buy or Sell their property.
This podcast is brought to you by the Entrepreneur's Organization of South Florida. Learn from leading South Florida Entrepreneurs in this collection of insights and experiences shared directly from the inspirational leaders of some of the hottest, fastest growing companies in south Florida. Each amazing story is filled with great business and personal experiences that will help you grow in your journey. South Florida Entrepreneurs on Fire captures the essence of what entrepreneurship in tod ...
The movers and shapers of Downtown Naples, building and changing our local community. Our objective in launching this new podcast series is to connect with some of the most powerful Neapolitans who are setting the bar for the future of downtown Naples. We encourage local residents and visitors alike to tune in and find out who is making waves and why as well as what is happening on our iconic Fifth Avenue South. Featuring more than 220 businesses, including high-end shops, world-class dining ...
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In this week's South Florida Roundup, we discussed: the Biden administration's decision to ban imports from a Dominican sugar company with Palm Beach County links (01:03); Miami Art Week at 20 is bigger than ever and less NFT-obsessed (19:16); a Miami-Dade commissioner calls out FIU's Cuban Research Institute for arranging a talk about Cuban advant…
This hour we talk to Orlando Informer "Mathew Miller" about the future of Florida theme parks. Also Kanye West got kicked off Twitter again. Pepsi has a new idea for Christmas called "Pilk". Netflix dropped the trailer for Megan & Harry.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
On this Thanksgiving edition of the South Florida Roundup, we revisit some of our favorite segments from 2022: Miami-Dade County Public Schools block students from watching Anna In The Tropics (01:04); Hurricane Irma's legacy (19:42); and Haiti's humanitarian crisis (27:30).
This hour we talk more about Florida pulling away from "BlackRock". FAU has a new head coach "Tom Herman". Florida is allowing Disney to govern itself again. Also Kanye West kicked off Twitter again. A Minneapolis dad chased a car after his kids were in the car during a carjacking.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
This hour we talk more about a big reversal announced that Disney will govern itself again. The Airforce to unveil a new "Stealth Bomber". Arrest warrant issued for former NFL player Antonio Brown after throwing a shoe at a woman.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Today we talk about Kanye West is officially kicked off Twitter again. Florida puling $2 Billion Dollars from BlackRock. Pepsi has a new soda called "Pilk". Also Netflix released the trailer of Harry & Megan.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
This hour we talk more with Dr. Carole Lieberman about the students that was killed at Idaho college University. Also no more Monks in Thailand after several of them test positive for drugs, College Football is finally expanding to 12 teams. Also we talk to consumer expert John Matterese.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
This hour we talk more about the failed leader of the FTX bitcoin company is free doing interviews instead of being in jail. Also come to Downtown tonight with us to light up the biggest Sand Christmas Tree in the world. The Rolling stones announced a new album coming soon. A piece agreement has seem to be agreed between Twitter and Apple.…
Today we talk about protest in china still erupting over Covid lockdown Restrictions. Also Clark Griswold' lights up Raising Cane's restaurant for Christmas. Tonight we light up the world's largest Christmas Tree made by sand. Shockingly Rockstar "Christine Mcvie" passed away at 79 years old.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
It's football pick time! Yes, a couple of days early, but nonetheless, they're back. Do you agree with our analysis of the Dolphins game? And how much time do you think you have spent untangling Christmas lights? This new survey might surprise you with the number of hours they give...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Wow, DeSantis sure sounded presidential yesterday when he was talking china and Apple. We have the highlights from that speech. And and would you ever eat this? They are actually bringing the chocolate and candy pasts from the movie "Elf!" to life...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Are he railroad workers actually going to strike? This would not be good. We'll tell you why Congress is now getting involved. And did you hear about the new Mario Brothers movie trailer? Oh boy, this is going to be big...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Go, go USA! We have all the reaction and fallout after USA's big win against Iran yesterday at the World Cup. What does it all mean moving forward? And get ready for the big tree lighting tonight. We have the preview from Rockefeller.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Do you agree with this guy? A man has gone viral after posting a video talking about Best Buy trying to charge him 11 cents for a bag after he spent $3200. What do you make of this? And we have an amazing hero story about a cop who can't swim that saved a baby from drowning...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Will the so called "Twitter Files" be released soon? According to Elon Musk, a lot of secrets that the left wants to keep hidden may be coming out. And why is the White House keeping an eye on Twitter but not doing anything to help the Chinese protesters? We have the details on all of that.Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Elon's war has begun. Wow, this is becoming quite the event as Elon is taking on Apple and and the White House in his effort to protect free speech. Very important story. And we have some great Christmas events to look forward to this week. Did you know these were happening already?...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Well, we've made national news once again. We'll tell you about the sentencing that was reached in the murder face eating trial. And why did the non binary drag queen from the Biden administration decide to steal a suitcase and clothes? This is an odd story...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Are you or someone in your family getting impacted by all of these flight delays? Well our aviation expert, Jay Ratliff joins us to help guide us through all of those questions. And we have this amazing rescue story from the Gulf of Mexico. How did this guy survive after falling overboard?!Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
How in the world does this happen?! We'll tell you about the airplane that crashed into and got stuck in a powerline poll! A scary rescue too... And why is this person suing the Velveeta company for $5 million? Ladies and gentlemen, our Floridope...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Could the people of China really be standing up to their covid tyranny? We have the latest on the massive protests taking place there. And speaking of tyranny, we'll let you know what that bridge troll, Fauci had to say over the weekend...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
Happy Cyber Monday! After the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday shopping, it's time to hunker down and get those gifts. We'll tell you about some of those deals floating around. And this guy definitely fits the mold of a Raiders fan. He got a DUI on the way to the game while wearing a helmet!...Από τον Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams, and Karen Curtis
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