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Ineligible Receivers

Ineligible Receivers

Ineligible Receivers

The Ineligible Receiver's Podcast is a podcast that revolves around Football and Fantasy Football. Listen to the hosts, Jeremy and Terry, use their knowledge of football and fantasy to lead you to your very own "Shiva"! (That's a Fantasy Football Championship for you lame's who don't watch The League). Location: Somewhere Down-field #FantasyFootball #Football
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Listen, the CFP rankings came out as we finished recording and UW announced an extension with DeBoer as we finished recording. This is Pac-12 news that is UNADDRESSED in this episode. Half of this league is in the CFP rankings and people should talk about it more. Eric and Warren review last week's action and pick this week's games against the spre…
Eric and Warren do not want to overreact, but extend DeBoer right now and triple his salary. We've seen enough. We celebrate Washington's big win over Michigan State, give appropriate respect to Oregon's professional showing against BYU, and express general approval towards the Pac-12's non conference as a whole.…
Eric and Warren celebrate Oregon State and Washington State getting a couple of conference legitimizing wins over Fresno and Wisconsin respectively. Then we look ahead to three pretty tasty Pac-12 non-conference opponents this weekend in BYU, Fresno, and Michigan State.Από τον Warren and Eric
Eric and Warren re-live the rollercoaster that saw Washington win the Pac-12 North by missing a game due to Covid, only to miss out on the title game to be replaced by Oregon, due to Covid. Folks: we hate it! We pick next week's games against the spread and try to guess where the Dawgs might go bowling.…
Eric and Warren revel in Washington's domination of Arizona, celebrate the enduring mediocrity of Clay Helton, and wonder who is served by no longer referring to the state of Oregon's rivalry game by its recently canceled name.We pick this week's Pac-12 games against the spread.Από τον Warren and Eric
Eric, for the first time, considers the pitfalls of having a live buffalo on the field and Warren happily joins in because it beats the games from last week. Then we pick next week's Pac-12 football games against the spread.Από τον Warren and Eric
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