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2015年9月スタート、トークバラエティーWEBラジオ「What The Pastors!!」、通称「WTP」。タイトルにあるPastors→牧師がパーソナリティ。 みんなに元気になってもらいたい!をコンセプトに、好きな本や野球、日常のことはもちろん、教会って何?聖書ってどんなこと書いてんの?イエスって信じたらどうなんの?そんなことを一緒に悩んでいく番組。2019年9月からシーズン2(WTP2.0)がスタート。 さらい2020年3月からはパーソナリティ大嶋重徳一人体制になり、毎回ゲスト/月替わりパーソナリティとともに、素のまま、ホンキ・ホンネで語ります。
Jsme evangeličtí faráři. Nápad točit videa jsme dostali v hospodě u piva. Jsme mladí a víra v Boha pro nás hodně znamená. Chceme ukázat, že církev v dnešní době nemusí být zakonzervovaná do minulosti. Chceme mluvit dnešním způsobem o křesťanských tématech, která mají nadčasovou platnost. Věříme, že se u nás lidi pobaví a poznají, že církev je pro všechny!
Pastoren & Psykologen

Pastoren & Psykologen

Psykolog Sondre Liverød & Pastor Rune Tobiassen

Psykolog Sondre Liverød i diskusjon med pastor Rune Tobiassen. En troende og en ikke-troende snakker om de store spørsmålene i livet, og de har helt forskjellige perspektiver. Hva skjer når vi dør? Hva er meningen med livet? Har vi fri vilje? Hvordan kan vi forstå ondskap, og hvordan kan vi bedømme i forhold som angår moral og etikk? See for privacy and opt-out information.
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A new MP3 sermon from Grace to You is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Do This in Remembrance (Selected Scriptures) Speaker: Pastor John MacArthur Broadcaster: Grace to You Event: Sunday Service Date: 11/21/2021 Length: 20 min.Από τον Pastor John MacArthur
Meditating on God's Word will equip you for the spiritual battlefield and cause you to grow in a deeper relationship with God. Many Christians have no clue on how to meditate on the word of God. In this sermon series, Pastor Michael explains in easy to follow instructions, teaching disciples how, where, and why to meditate on God's word.…
Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe is a five-time cancer survivor who has completed the NYC Marathon. He was part of the delegation of clergy who visited the hostages in Iran in 1980, and he was on hand at the White House to welcome them home in 1981. Rabbi Jaffe was honored by President Reagan as an American hero. In today's broadcast, he talks with Pastor Rich …
As we begin our Christmas series through Matthew's birth narrative we look at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 with particular focus on what it means for Jesus to be "the Christ," what it means for Him to be the "Son of David," and what it means for Him to be the "Son of Abraham."Από τον Running Pastor
A new MP3 sermon from Covenant Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: How to be Certain You will Die in Your Sins Subtitle: Special Message Speaker: Pastor Charles Swann Broadcaster: Covenant Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 11/28/2021 Bible: John 8:21-25 Length: 64 min.…
It is perhaps strange that the text for the first Sunday in Advent and the beginning of the Christian year comes from the end of Jesus’ ministry, his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Chronologically, this passage about Palm Sunday seems out of place here at the beginning of all things. Yet the ancient……
Décimo sexto sermão da série de sermões Batalha Espiritual pregado pelo Pastor Jack, na Igreja Vintage, dia 28 de novembro de 2021.CONTRIBUAConta Vintage180— Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (nº 041)— Ag.: 0026— Conta Corrente: 06.050821.0-1— Favorecido: Igreja Vintage180— CNPJ: 30.879.824/0001-44…
Almighty God has extended His undeserved favor to humankind. Between easy believism and hyper-grace, we have the so-called Christian church that is nothing like the church Christ built. His grace empowers believers to resist temptation. It is not given as a tool to enable willful sinning.Από τον John Pistorius
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