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It's A Feeling Alright Thursday!!!Show Time! What the Hell happened in Pinal Co on election night in AZ? Sheriff Mark Lamb joins to talk about it. Plus, part 2 with Megyn Kelly--the state of journalism today! And Tracy Beanz on the FBI whistleblowers!Από τον Joe Pags
It's Humpday!!!Big Show coming your way-- Megan Kelly on the changing words pushed on us all, journalism, did she get her last bag and more. Plus, Dr. John Delony on his new book dealing with COVID, recession and other anxiety.Από τον Joe Pags
It's Free Speech Friday!!!Show Time! Biden's building a border wall? Huh? Plus, Jack Posobiec on what the WEF is and who the Hell is Klaus Schwab? And Adam Carolla on the changing definitions of words, the power the people have and his new book.Από τον Joe Pags
It's Taco Tuesday!!!Rep. Matt Gaetz joins to talk about his comments on pro-abortion protesters. You think he's backing off? And the story of a young veteran killed in a murder-suicide. We talk with her fiance.Από τον Joe Pags
It's Humpday!!!Ronny Jackson joins to talk about Biden's health, America First and much more.. and Charlie Kirk about "The College Scam." It's his new book and why it's vital for the future of the U.S.Από τον Joe Pags
It's A Motown Monday!!!400 cops? All were dead when they arrived? This is contradictory info on Uvalde. How was the one cop texting his wife who was dying on the classroom? How were kids calling 911? What is missing here?Από τον Joe Pags
It's Free Speech Friday!!!We'll have Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich on the state of the US, the contract with America, his new book and more. Plus, Ryan Petty joins to talk about that video we've all seen out of Uvalde and what we need to do.Από τον Joe Pags
It's A Motown Monday!!!The Latest on Hunter-- Jill Biden loves BOGEDAS --Allison Royal with the harrowing tale of a book that might be in your kids school library and Kay Smythe with Kray News.Από τον Joe Pags
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