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http://WWW.KLANGWERK.BE http://WWW.AMSTRAND.BE Groovegsus is a Belgian artist making electronic music.Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, the multifaceted artist is passionated by electronic music. Groovegsus holds true to the belief that the power of music brings us together as one. The diversity of his tastes, and his ability to create spellbinding club experiences, promote harmony on the dance floor. Groovegsus turns up with records fluctuating between genres, not having a distinctive ...
Electronic Groove Podcast features mixes from guest Djs including John Digweed, Patrice Bäumel, Carl Craig, Damian Lazarus, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Timo Maas, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, Steve Bug, Josh Wink, Claptone, Chris Liebing, Atish, Eats Everything, Visionquest, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Henry Saiz, Stimming, Miss Kittin, Matador, Cassy, Audiofly, Oona Dahl, YokoO, and many more.
Este podcast recoge los programas emitidos por Underground Groove (Música Disco y Subgéneros); en (Radio Oficial del Círculo de Bellas Artes) desde el 17 de Abril de 2015; la 3ª temporada en adelante ... - Para escuchar programas mas antiguos; - ¿Quieres colaborar con Underground Groove ó tienes alguna idea? ponte en contacto;
Hosted by 95bFM and New Zealand DJ institution Stinky Jim, Stinky Grooves encompasses the broadest beats and most delightfully robust rhythms sourced from all corners of the globe... and beyond. From the freshest reggaematical business to crucial cumbia, exceedingly eclectic electronics and a smattering of the most righteously rocking malarkey, the three hours of Stinky Grooves offers bountiful rewards to the attentive listener and their headphones. Broadcast Tuesday evenings from 7pm.
The Strange Grooves podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them. The music we love is the soundtrack to memories, stories, and in many cases, changes the course of our lives and the way we view the world. On Strange Grooves, we dive into life's deep cuts.
GROOVE CRUISE RADIO hosted by Scotty Boy features exclusive releases and mixes from hundreds of DJs who have played the iconic Groove Cruise since 2004. This podcast has been rated in the top 100 in iTunes and has over 100,000 subscribers for a reason :-) For info to sail away on the World’s Largest Floating Dance Music Festival navigate over to @GrooveCruise on FB IG Snapchat & Twitter
A Nippon Groove célja, hogy a lehető legáttekintőbb képet adja a japán zenei színtérről, valamint, hogy olyan előadókat mutasson be, akik korábban nemzetközileg nem igazán (vgy egyáltalán nem) váltak ismertté. Mindezt mindenféle műfaji korlátok nélkül, szabadon válogatva a legkülönbözőbb stílusokba tartozó zenékből. Hol tematikus adásokkal, hol pedig a műsoron belüli eklektika jegyében.
Christian music: from the Psalms to modern worship, gospel and CCM, we long to express our emotions to God through song. On the Between The Grooves podcast, host James Kurtis talks to artists and industry insiders to discover the connection between music and faith. Between The Grooves is produced by Faith Strong Today, your source for digital media exploring life with faith in the modern world. Follow on Facebook & Twitter @betweengrooves.
Inside Groove Podcast

Inside Groove Podcast

Steering Wheel Productions

The exclusive podcast about Supermodified racing hosted by Tom Baker, who has been attending supermodified races since 1973. Covering the "Home of the Supermodifieds" - Oswego Speedway, and both the International Supermodified Association (ISMA) and Midwest Supermodified Series tours as well, Inside Groove brings you exclusive interviews with past and present supermodified racers and other VIP's, and talks about Oswego's SBS division and 350 Supermodifieds as well!
Straight from Costa Rica, FRAN VALDIVIESO brings us another breathtaking episode of KEEP THE GROOVE RADIO, as part of the SOMNIA TALENT RADIO Network. Enjoy! More info at Directamente desde Costa Rica, FRAN VALDIVIESO nos trae otro episodio impresionante de KEEP THE GROOVE RADIO, como parte de la Red SOMNIA TALENT RADIO. ¡Disfrutar! Más información en Direto de Costa Rica, FRAN VALDIVIESO nos traz outro episódio de tirar o fôlego do KEEP THE GROOVE RAD ...
American Grooves Radio Hour, hosted by filmmaker and collector Joe Lauro, takes you on a deep dive into the music of pre-World War II America. It focuses on the Jazz, pioneering Blues, early Country, Gospel, Vaudeville and World Music which was being performed on the streets and in the taverns and nightclubs of pre-1935 America. ONLY original 78 rpm records from Joe’s world-renowned archive and the libraries of other notable collectors will be played. There will also be stories from the firs ...
Behind The Groove

Behind The Groove

Crossfadr Studios

Hosted by Basil Barrington & DJ Keo, the Behind The Groove Podcast reviews TV & Films released on some of the most popular streaming services, such as Hulu, HBOMax, Amazon, Netflix, Disney+ and many more. From superheroes to sci-fi, we dive into all the nooks and crannies, and give our raw and opinionated views. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment. You can also check out clips and full video episodes on our YouTube Channel.
Paul Phillips Soulful Grooves Solar Radio Show Supporting, Showcasing, Promoting New Music on Solar Radio playing Soulful House, Deep House, Jazzy House, Contemporary Soul, Neo Soul, Soul, R&B, Classic Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion, 80s Boogie, Disco, Club and House Classics. Here you will find downloads for my Saturday show featuring new and classic soulful house. My Thursday show features new and classic soul. I also compiled Under The influence Vol 2 for Z Records.
DC House Grooves was established in 2004 as the online presence for Washington, DC based DJ Andy Grant. Over time, the site’s mission has expanded to promoting Washington, DC’s many talented DJs through the Body Werk events series and the Meet the Locals Podcast, and providing trusted information and opinion on what’s going on in DC’s underground electronic music scene. Primarily focused on deep, underground house music, yet inviting each DJ to showcase their own style, DC House Grooves stri ...
Aurora Fields Records - Born out of the unconditional love Co-Founders Pando G & Double X eL have for Music. Driven by our goal to provide the highest quality creations, we are always looking to grow from within as well as a collective. Through our collaborations of passion without judgement, we look to provide a platform for all artists who share the same vision where creativity is nurtured into a polished product.
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Tracklista: 01. Twolegs - Frozen Again (kezdődött: 00:16:57) 02. Masanori Ikeda - Seeds (kezdődött: 00:21:37) 03. Shinsuke Matsumoto - waves (kezdődött: 00:39:38) 04. Iori - Falcon (kezdődött: 00:51:58) 05. Kaitaro - Little Helper 63-2 (kezdődött: 01:03:59) 06. Sub Human Bros - Mount Inasa (kezdődött: 01:18:19)… Friday 11.00hrs 31st March Groove on the Wireless Volume 2 – show # 33 Dr. Groove brings you a chatty show, dicussing the importance of DIY in the punk ethos, amongst other things. We start heavy, and I mean proper heavy, with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – and …
95bFM: Land Of The Good Groove The legendary soul stylist and platter-spinner Murray Cammick brings the funk, electricity and soul to Land of the Good Groove, the classic Radio b show he smoothly pioneered way back in the heady days of 1983. Broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand every Friday from 1pm. en-us…
本当に、 いろんな皆さまに「感謝」です。 今週もありがとうございました。 さてここで、 久々の海山インフォメーションです♪ 3月にお店が再開いたしまして、 しばらくはご予約のみの営業でしたが、 現在はフリーでご来店いただけるようになりました。 今のところ、 メニュー数などは規模を縮小して営業中ですが、 今時期ですと歓送迎会等、 2名様~団体様のご予約ももちろん承け賜っております。 ご予約の際に、 どんな内容(メニュー等)にするかお気軽にご相談ください。 ・・・で昨晩、 久々にお店に行って参りました。 先月もお邪魔させていただいてはいたのですが、 実におよそ3年ぶりに いつものカウンターでの海山さんを堪能・・・ 「感無量」でございました。ウルウル 代表からの一品・・・ 「リーキのグリルとチョリ…
Basil Barrington and DJ Keo are back. Today we review Luther: The Fallen Sun, available on Netflix. On Coruscant, former Imperials find amnesty in the New Republic. You can check out clips and full video episodes on YouTube at Follow the Behind The Groove Podcast on Twitter @thebtgpodcast Follow Basil Barring…
Is learning a ton about the artists you love a good thing? What if you find out they're not that great of person? In our day & age, we have more access to information about artists than ever. Even when you're not looking for it, the information usually makes it way to you. So what do you do when an arist you love does something bad? What about the …
It's been a while! In this podcast, I tell you what I've been doing, where I've traveled to and about some cool changes that I've experienced lately. One question for you: Are you living your best life? Subscribe here to my youtube channel fa…
Note: This is a repost of last year's episode. Being Women's History Month, we will begin with a set of women jazz artists. Represented are Miki Yamanaka, Helen Sung and Melissa Aldana and the female "supergroup" Artemis. Next up new music from young musicians Mike Casey (sax) and Justin Joyce (drums). Something new from guitarist Peter Sprague cov…
Inside Groove Podcast Episode 114 - Powered by Indy Performance Composites "Remembering Dean Hoag" GUEST: Event Promoter Jody London The Inside Groove Supermodified Podcast is the only weekly podcast dedicated exclusively to the Oswego Speedway and the other supermodified touring series. The Groove is hosted by Steering Wheel Nation founder and Sup…
The Sheepdogs built their name on hard work and determination. Ryan Gullen's commitment to his craft and willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible with the bass guitar has helped the band evolve their sound over the years and stay fresh and exciting. We chat with him in this episode.Από τον Mitch Joel
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