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Our guest this week is choosing to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want to expose his online catfishing. We delve into why he does this and also why you shouldn’t use Cashapp! We also discuss if it’s possible to salvage a relationship if a partner gives you an STD and do all women have daddy issues…?…
This week the hilarious Julio Diaz drops in to talk about why women are so drawn to married men, how he gained his confidence and should we have relationship courses in school or do we need to make mistakes first in order to learn…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Cancer energy takes over with Dulce Sloan as our guest this week. We have fun discussing two words that can be both compliments and offensive-Bitch and Ma’am. And is there a difference between breadwinners and head of household…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Incest is on the menu this week(JK) but we wonder why it’s encouraged in some countries but frowned upon here? Our guest Andre also shares why men are better friend zoners and have Rom Coms screwed up women’s minds about relationships…?Από τον datingappdisasters
The Canadian Caucasian stops by this week to tell us to grow up and make Phil second guess his love for MMA. We also talk about how porn is melting our brains and what do you do if your date pulls out a personality test and you fail…?Από τον datingappdisasters
We have the talented and hilarious Daphnique Springs joining us this week to talk about sending fake nudes and how she hated Phil when they first met. And what do you do when you find out your guest on your podcast is the catfish…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Well we found the one man on the planet who’s never cheated on this week and also tried to dispell the myth that cheating helps relationships! We also speak about grand gestures and learn why Phil faked a seizure for a date… P.S. apologies for the audio this weekΑπό τον datingappdisasters
After Phil messes up our guest Ontonio’s name (like clockwork) he tells us the secret about why women really don’t like nice guys. We also discuss how labels are slowly fading away and does cheating help relationships…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This weeks episode is our wildest yet-and that’s saying a lot. Jessica comes by so we can try to coach her how to navigate the apps and find her feminine side. She also lets us know that she wants to be a part time GF and should we really be hooking up with our friends more…?Από τον datingappdisasters
We have jack of all trades Zack Watson on this week and he’s the first guest to bring us gifts so he’s now officially our fav! Phil and Zack also give tips to women on how to DM dudes and what to do when a past hookup shows up on your first day of your new clown job…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Our guest this week might be considered an internet troll but lets us know why he isn’t and that he hates the word. We also discuss ways to get consent without ruining the mood and wait…Men like cellulite?!Από τον datingappdisasters
Relationship therapist and coach Laura Caruso comes by and does her best to try and fix us in the 45 minutes allotted. She explains how to start to get past trauma from past relationships and identifying your attachment style. And can a previous ghost actually turn into a happy relationship…?Από τον datingappdisasters
We have news personality/comedienne Jill Gonzalez on this week to discuss power dynamics and what it’s like to be a Fin Dom. We also get into the psychology of foot fetishes and Jill may be the first person we’ve heard that likes getting waxed a little too much…Από τον datingappdisasters
Self-Sabotage was a big topic of discussion this week and the amazing Krystina Hutchinson returns to not only counsel Phil on his porn addiction but also speak on how monogamy is forced upon us. And should we really blame EVERYTHING on mercury being in retrograde…?Από τον datingappdisasters
We say au revoir to summer this week with our first and last outdoor episode. We discuss if long distance relationships can go the distance and hilarious stories of first self-pleasure. Carmen also lets us know the proper way to slide into a DM…Από τον datingappdisasters
This week Phil finally approves of Rachel’s hair and Maximilian Spinelli drops by to give us all the reasons not to date your coworkers. We also help a listener figure out if you should mention your pandemic drought and what do you do if your date pulls out tarot cards and lets you know you’re the devil…?…
Ashley Austin Morris stops by this week to pray with Phil and try to open Rachel’s mind to religion. We also discuss the complications of celibacy and can a relationship sustain if only one person is generous financially…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Our guest Andre stops by this week to give us some deets on writing for Charlemagne’s new revamped show Hell of a Week. He also lets us know why he thinks hoe phases aren’t productive and should we just get rid of filters altogether…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Kareem is here this week to chat with us about old school values and why he doesn’t do well on the apps. We’re also split on if and how a woman should propose and what if you introduce your girl to therapy and the therapist tells her to leave you…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This week we have lots to discuss with our guest Irene such as Beyoncé’s new plastic surgery and that we all have a type we just don’t wanna admit it. And what’s your next move when your date confides in you that he’s becoming a wizard…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Our very first guest returns this week with a hinge success story! We also realize how un-self aware we are and do men feel the same pressure as women to get into relationships if all their friends are In one…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This week we delve into a topic barely addressed-how men and boys deal with the repurcussians of sexual assault. We also have fun going through our guest Glorelys’ tinder matches and according to Phil, jail ain’t that bad…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This week John joins us to discuss how wildly different dating is in NY vs. LA and if dating celebrities will affect future relationships with regular folk. And is it ever a good idea to have your friend have your kid…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This week our guest Jourdain is here to let us know why you should kiss at the beginning of the date. Phil also never ceases to amaze us with his sexcapades and is it a dealbreaker if your date forgets your name…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Well, we take it back-apparently happy healthy marriages do exist?! In between getting gems from our hilarious guest Mike we learn some tips to get someone out after sexy time and is it possible to have morals when you’re in survival mode…?Από τον datingappdisasters
In between Phil and our guest making fun of Rachel’s new hair we discuss James’ gambling theory on “chasing the loss” and whether pillow talk is the determining factor on a one night stand going any further. And is catcalling only cool with republicans…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Katie Morrissey stops by this week and we have a fun chat about how many styles of vaginas there are. We also realize what was considered romantic back in the day would be terrifying now and will Phil ever make it on Raya…?Από τον datingappdisasters
Our guest Mike’s dating app history didn’t start as a disaster but it ended as one! We also joke that NYers won’t ever travel to another borough for a date and are separate households the future of marriage…?Από τον datingappdisasters
This week we ponder many of life’s unanswered questions with our guest Pranav. The first being if ghosting is the most humane way to end a situanship? Also if there’s a genetic predisposition to kink and what would you do if someone mispronounces your name during sex…?Από τον datingappdisasters
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