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VLOG: US v. Schulte #Wikileaks trial resumes; Egypt spy Girgis to challenge FISA warrants; Venezuela El Gordo; UN Big Tony covers up sex abuse & corruption
VLOG: For #GhislaineMaxwell, US wants 30+ years. Lev Parnas wants time served & Trevor Milton of Nikola wants 30 more days. Jan 6 victim? UN sexual abuse covered up by @AntonioGuterres , @USUN @LindaT_G so far, nothing (Schulte trial resumes June 24)
VLOG: With CIA leaks trial of Schulte off for two days, stand-up at UN Gate about #whistleblowers, need for UN funding and immunity to be cut as they ban Press that asks (& @USUN @LindaT_G does nothing, Uighur backtracks)…
VLOG: #Wikileaks #Vault7 trial of US v. Josh Schulte, Day 5; @BBCWorld 's on UN #Whistleblowers purloins leaked audio Inner City Press exclusively published
VLOG: At UN Gate as diplomats enter, by @USUN as @LindaT_G bloviates about sexual abuse but allows UNSG @AntonioGuterres to cover up UN's rapes, & ban the Press that asks. @USAmbUN silent on UN @MelissaFleming ignoring @QuinnEmanuel letter……
VLOG: US v. Schulte, description from in sealed courtroom, FBI Guccifer follies. Also, #TorontoDominion hit for abusing consumers, but FederalReserve does nothing as on Citi in Russia. UN celebrates (its) sexual abuse in conflict
VLOG: US v Schulte #Vault7 leak trial, cross of FBI; @OpenSea Chastain; #BitMEX Benjamin Delo; #GhislaineMaxwell blames Epstein, both bought UN, which bans Press
VLOG: US v Josh Schulte, Day 2; #GhislaineMaxwell's sentencing memo is due; carbon credit fraud and the UN, SG @AntonioGuterres immune from suit so censors Press
Crypto in the court, VLOG edition: Eddy Alexandre, Free on $3 Million Bond, has court full of supports & former @SDNYLIVE supervisor Emil Bove as his lawyer, pleads not guilty while consenting to #CFTC injunction
VLOG: US v. Schulte, jury is picked; they will not be shown redactions to Wikileaks / US Exhibit 1. Inner City Press covering the re-trial, and the UN despite its corrupt censorship
VLOG: US v. Josh Schulte jury selection amid secrecy ; #Avenatti open guilty plea in Cali; in DC US v Seefried & AML subpoena against UNFCU, UN is corrupt
VLOG: Today Roy Moore v. Sacha Baron Cohen 2Cir; retrials We Build the Wall Shea Oct 24; Hezbollah Saab Aug 15. UNSC new members rubberstamped @Swiss_UN @JapanMissionUN , @EcuadorONU @MaltaUNMission & Moz: will collude in censorship?
VLOG: SEC v. Ripple post hearing prediction; We Build the Wall mistrial; @ABlinken on @PressFreedom at Summit of the Americas while @USUN does nothing on UNSG @AntonioGuterres banning Press: hypocrisy
VLOG: Dakota Plains trial (& leaks), today Avenatti v. Fox, SEC v. Ripple; @USUN beaned cop with nut, failing on #NorthKorea, UN @AntonioGuterres & @AlMissionUN censorship continues
VLOG: We Build the Wall endgame; Kevin Space June 7 discovery; Avenatti v. Fox appeal; Grimes wants out of Barrack/UAE case; Equatorial Guinea mansion NY, Guterres ignores Haiti staff missing; @ALMissionUN UNresponsive
VLOG: Chaos in We Build the Wall / Shea jury; Allianz case doubts, OpenSeas (& next week Ripple); Spacey discovery, Barrack & @UAEmissionToUN stonewall, Debevoise for Sberback, UN Guterres for dictators
After Avenatti sentenced to 30 extra months in Stormy Daniels case, on top of his Nike extortion sentence. Next stop: Terminal Island for California trial
VLOG: Day of Avenatti sentencing, hotdog scam & no suit; bourbon trade dress trial end; @ALMissionUN @HoxhaFer bans Press while bragging to China state media about freedom
After hearing in US v. Hwang, $34 Billion alleged RICO fraud, stand up outside @SDNYLIVE , defense counsel Lustberg's arguments, August 9 is next date, bill of particulars sought
VLOG: Kevin Spacey says he'll go to UK on sex charges; Honduras narco Tigre lied he has no money; UN @MBachelet and @AntonioGuterres sold out Uighurs but US @ABlinken uses passive voice
VLOG: Kevin Spacey new charges in UK; Honduras Tigre lied on financial form; US cites this feed in Avenatti sentencing memo, hotdog gate; @USUN fails at UN on NK & censorship
Stand-up after #KevinSpacey sex abuse remand hearing, and Spacey's exit without answering about his UK throne shot with #GhislaineMaxwell nor flight(s) on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express. Trial is in October- Inner City Press will cover it
VLOG: UN silent on 13 rapes by its staffer Karim Elkorany in Iraq and the US - @USUNSpox silent, no answers too. We Build the Wall trial, Barrack UAE case; Honduras Bonilla no response on bid to unseal finances
VLOG: We Build the Wall trial starts; Kevin Spacey Rapp rape case subpoena questioned; Philbrick 7 years, today Barrack, spy for UAE, also UN corruption on Ukraine, UNOPS no answers from @USUNSpox
VLOG: After courtroom coverage of Bronx former non-profit CEO Victor RIvera of Bronx Parents Housing Network was sentenced to 27 months for stealing $1 million
VLOG: Trials incl We Build the Wall / Shea; EDPA Republic Bank case incl Vernon Hill & George Norcross, Camden boss; @USUN 's month of censorship of Press in UNSC, NGO Cttee blocking UNexplained
VLOG: After BitMEX Arthur Hayes sentenced to six months home confinement then international travel for not having an anti-money laundering program, stand-up in front of @SDNYLIVE courthouse: BitMEX Arthur Hayes Gets 6 Months At Home Then Travel In 2 Years Probation For No AMLBy Matthew Russell Lee, PatreonBBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPNSDNY COU…
VLOG: Schulte sealing saga; US Air wins $1; recusal on Archegos' Hwang b/c JPM Chase, under-regulated; @USUN blocks access to UN without explanation by @USUNSpox
VLOG: Today Hwang of Archegos; CIA leak trial of Schulte may be partially sealed, opposition filed; US says JOH is OK in MDC; China buys UN migrant expert like @AntonioGuterres
VLOG: #Allianz plea highlights dubious corporate personhood, bank fraudster Shin takes stand, Fed on BoM-BotW; @LaCroix_UN lies about UN rapes, @USUN / Blinken has yet to hold UN accountable
VLOG: Allianz fraudster Tournant indicted; trial on Bulleit whiskey & Korean deli bank fraud; US v. corruption in Guatemala but not at UN where @AntonioGuterres linked with briber CEFC China and Honduras JOH
VLOG: Crypto fraud bail out of Alexandre, Press bid to unseal #NarcosHnoduras Tigre docketed; UNOPS corruption ignored by SG @AntonioGuterres , censors
VLOG: Honduras narco Tigre Bonilla got a US taxpayer funded lawyer - Inner City Press has filed to unseal why. Brian Benjamin & Migdol's stealth plea, invisible UNSG @AntonioGuterres & always elsewhere @USAmbUN @LindaT_G , inactive on UN censorship
VLOG: #Honduras Police Chief TIgre Bonilla was presented and detained @SDNYLIVE and given a publicly-paid lawyer despite bag of cash / TIgre Bonilla fue presentado y detenido @SDNYLIVE y entregado abogado pagado públicamente a pesar de bolsa de efectivo
VLOG: #Honduras JOH no basketball in MDC, DOJ loophole on Migdol plea; #HezbollahTrial overtime. UN Vienna wienies, @USUN inaction on UNOPS & censorship
VLOG: After Honduras JOH pleaded not guilty and got Jan 17, 2023 trial date, stand-up outside @SDNYLIVE court, JOH's lack of a basketball, subpoena for El Chapo - & UNSG @AntonioGuterres ? Después de que #NarcosHonduras JOH se declarara no culpable
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