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The Beatles World Cup

The Beatles World Cup

The Beatles World Cup

What's the greatest Beatles song of all time? We think there's only one way to find out - by pitting every Beatles song against each other in the ultimate winner-takes-all tournament! Join Jono, Rob and special guests as they progress through the rounds robins, knockouts, and finals to find the ultimate Beatles song. It won't be easy, it will be contentious, but one thing's for sure - no song is safe... Not even your favourite.
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It had to happen really - we, Rob and Jono, haven't disagreed too widely over 36 heats. But this time around, we're polar opposite when it comes to one of these four songs: Dig A Pony, Wait, Little Child & Any Time at All. But will the split song win, in what can charitably be described as a 'middle of the road' bunch? Press play and see!…
Aaaand we're back on track with some truly viable greats on offer this week. We'll be weighing up the merits of Paperback Writer, Roll Over Beethoven, Revolution (the rockier single version), and There's A Place. Oh and somehow Pizza Hut and Superman 3 make an appearance too. FUN!Από τον The Beatles World Cup
After the big hitters of last week, we reach one of 'those' heats where... well... the cards have fallen in a interesting way, and by interesting we mean 'sigh'. We have to choose a winner to go through though, and it'll be either When I Get Home, Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby, Carry The Weight, or I'll Cry Instead. Place your bets now.…
Some big hitters duke it out this week with Love Me Do, I Want You (She's So Heavy), Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds and She Loves You ready to do battle. Only one will go through, just like only one has a wind machine in the mix, only one has been covered by Miley Cyrus & Moby, and only one has 3 different drummers. Intrigued, much?…
We're one step closer to finding out which Beatles song is the GOAT, and this week gives us four fun contenders: I'm Happy Just to Dance with You, Birthday, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away and No Reply. But wait there's more! Anne Murray! Oasis! Dylan! Happy George! Hand Clap Mal! We're gonna have a good time!…
It's hotting up as we get steadily closer to finding out which Beatles song towers above all others, though this week is a bit of a big brown bag of randomness (inside a zoo). Stepping up to the plate are Tell Me What You See, Within You Without You, Baby You're a Rich Man & Honey Don't.... Honey Don't.... Honey Don't.... Honey Don't. Best listened…
A mad mix of songs have come out of the box, as four more random Beatles tracks contend to become the Greatest of All Time. In play this week are Baby It's You, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Slow Down & Lady Madonna. One of these songs completely divides us, though it might not be the one you think....Από τον The Beatles World Cup
It's the battle of the Revolvers this week, as I'm Only Sleeping takes on And Your Bird Can Sing, with Chains and Sexy Sadie in the mix as well. Along the way, we'll identify a hidden yawn, discuss a blatant lyric ripoff, and ponder whether one of the songs is about Frank Sinatra or a wind-up clock. It's that kind of week.…
Lovers of cowbells, claps, jets and waltzes will be well served this week, as another four Beatles songs go head to head. Will it be I Call Your Name, Eight Days a Week, Back in the USSR or I Me Mine that makes the cut? Free fade in with every episode.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Melancholy, Acid, financial bitterness and 'Pepper Lite' this week, as Golden Slumbers, She Said She Said, Taxman & Magical Mystery Tour enter on stage and present their cases for going through to the next round. If you hadn't had your fill of John Lewis Christmas ad chat, this is your week.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
This heat has a beginning, a middle and an end, unlike one of the songs this week which just jumps in halfway through. We put The Night Before, For No One, I Feel Fine and Hold Me Tight up against each other, and one will emerge the winner. Comes with half a scoop and two battered cod.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
We're taking to the skies this week, as Heat 25 brings another eclectic mix of Beatles tracks together in our quest to find the greatest of all time. Will Flying fly or crash and burn? Do we say 'Thank You' or 'No, Thank You Girl'? Is You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) disconnected? Can we take The Word at its word?? So many questions - only one…
Heat 24 We've opened the door And all we have found is a Bible. The songs are quite mixed Some will be 'Deep Six-ed' And who wins won't be much of a rival So it's Rocky Raccoon And Every Little Thing's tune Real Love and Bad Boy to Doot dah doot dah dah dooo dooo Etc.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Welcome to the heat that includes the second most misogynistic Beatles song ever, according to the internet. This week, Devil in Her Heart, You Can't Do That, Across the Universe and Doctor Robert go head to head. We hope the result doesn't let you down and leave you flat.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
The heats continue on the journey to the Greatest Beatles Song of All Time, and head ups - this week's an odd one. We face the choice of elevating You Really Got a Hold on Me, Think for Yourself, Happiness is a Warm Gun or Yer Blues. Yup...Από τον The Beatles World Cup
A burst of optimism, sunshine and capitalism cascades over our heat this week, as Good Day Sunshine, Money (That's What I Want), Got to Get You Into My Life and Julia go up against each other for the win. And sorry Vulture... we're not agreeing with you on 'worst Beatles song ever'Από τον The Beatles World Cup
We're now 20 heats in on our pataphysical quest to find the greatest Beatles song of all time, and this heat is a veritable bag of chocolate cake for the ears. We have Fixing A Hole, I've Got A Feeling, Maxwell's Silver Hammer and The Ballad of John and Yoko to choose from - which will make it through?…
Break out your white suit, and descend the staircase to Heat 19, as we put another four random Beatles songs to the test. This week's lineup includes Dear Prudence, I'm So Tired, The Inner Light and Your Mother Should Know. And you should know that this episode includes Mal Evans, Star Trek: TNG, Paul is Dead, and Rob's song of choice to weird out …
If you ever thought we had any control over the random song draws, this week should dissuade you of that notion. Piggies, I Don't Want to Spoil the Party, Things We Said Today and For You Blue go head to head and, amazingly, one will triumph and head to the next round. But which one?Από τον The Beatles World Cup
It's the battle we've all been waiting for, as two songs go head to head to attempt to reign supreme, to chase the glory of becoming the champion of the Beatles World Cup. Will it be This Boy or Tell Me Why? Place your bets now. Oh... and Eleanor Rigby and Penny Lane are in the mix too.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
We're at Heat 16 AKA the 'curios and oddballs' heat, as our random selection brings us four very quirky and very different songs to choose from: With A Little Help from My Friends, Boys, Hey Bulldog and Old Brown Shoe. Just to warn you now: Rob's mild distaste for Pepper may rear its head again...Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Four more randomly selected Beatles songs go head to head this week, as we attempt to board the Yellow Submarine to take us to Kansas City (Hey Hey Hey Hey) to see if the Sgt Pepper reprise is Getting Better. That sentence may be garbled, but is our final decision? Find out now!Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Rubber Soul fans - this is your week, as two tracks go head to head to be this week's champion. I'm Looking Through You and You Won't See Me (erm... so that means they're both invisible right?) take on Because and Cry Baby Cry. Four songs. One winner. Much Moog.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
The search for the greatest Beatles song of all time continues, and this week it's four very different songs that are under the pump. Which will emerge victorious from Can't Buy Me Love, From Me to You, Tomorrow Never Knows and I'm Down? Warning: contains Phil CollinsΑπό τον The Beatles World Cup
The world cup to end all world cups continues, with What Goes On, I Want to Tell You, All My Loving, and Hello Goodbye taking to the pitch. Which one is beautifully off-kilter, and which one was hijacked by a random Aussie TV talent show host? Most importantly, which one makes it through to the next round??…
Another week, another four Beatles songs vying for the position of 'Greatest of All Time'. This week, we chat through PS, I Love You, Strawberry Fields Forever, She's A Woman, and A Hard Day's Night. Only one wins.... but which? !stib sdrawkcab eht rof evol s'onoJ dna ,hOΑπό τον The Beatles World Cup
We're back with four more randomly selected Beatles songs making their way to the stage. This week, It's Only Love, Get Back (your choice of Muddy, Spectory or Naked), Baby's In Black, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Tough choices ahead.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
White Album quiet and sleepy, or White Album manic and crazy - both can be yours this week, as we put another four Beatles songs to the wall, to find out which will continue its journey to become the GOAT! Settle in as we put Good Night, Helter Skelter, Rock and Roll Music & Only a Northern Song through their paces.…
Straddling albums, phases and songwriters this week, as four more Beatles songs go head to head in our quest to find the greatest Beatles song of all time. This week, Don't Let Me Down, You Like Me Too Much, The Fool on the Hill & Revolution #1 duke it out - only one can win!Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Something in the way we draw the songs means sometimes some stone cold classics come together (geddit?). This week, one such difficult decision presents itself. How on earth do you choose between If I Fell, Come Together, Drive My Car and Something? Answer: with difficultyΑπό τον The Beatles World Cup
Our first Pepper hits the heats, as She's Leaving Home goes up against Twist & Shout, In My Life and... erm... Why Do We Do It in the Road? Jono hates one, Rob can't get enough of one... which is which, and who is this week's winner?Από τον The Beatles World Cup
The journey to find the Beatles GOAT continues, with another 4 randomly selected songs taking the plunge - only one winner can emerge from the quirky bunch of One After 909, Don't Pass Me By, What You're Doing and Her Majesty. Cue 'I dunno' emoji.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
Only 3 heats in, and already this is getting tough. Our first real clash of titans - who'll be the winner as we pit Day Tripper, Help, She Came in Through The Bathroom Window and You're Going to Lose That Girl against each other, Spoiler: It's not the last one.Από τον The Beatles World Cup
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