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Living an others-centered life must impact not only how we give but also how we react to the people around us, regardless of their intent for us.Από τον Sebastien Braxton, Justin Kim, Jonathan Walter, Callie Williams
In our final segment we will consider the fast called for in the later verses of Isaiah 58 and why the “true spirit” of fasting is promoted in these verses. We will not only speak of this kind of fasting, but also provide illustrations where people lived out these verses.Από τον Dan Augsburger
Did you know that God has a New Year’s resolution for you this year? When accepted, this resolution can produce not just a moral revolution in your own life, but in the lives of those around you as well. Find out how this revolution can begin with you today!Από τον David Machado
It’s time! The culmination of this seminar track will be watching YOU pitch your business ideas! Selected participants will get to pitch their businesses to a panel of experienced business mentors and judges. Want to come to just watch and hear the inspiring ideas? Come! The audience and judges will together choose a winner who will receive $1,000 …
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