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Apologetics Profile is a weekly podcast discussing world religions, atheism, cults, the occult, alternative religions, controversial doctrines and spiritual practices. We are an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to respectful conversations from a biblical perspective. Apologetics Profile is a production of Watchman Fellowship, a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry focused on interfaith evangelism and discernment. For more information, visit: www.watchman.org.
I earned an MA in Apologetics and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary, and I have studied English Composition at the graduate level from Liberty University. I am Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy at South Plains College where I teach courses on English composition, philosophy, and world religions. I will be posting podcasts on philosophy, world religions, apologetics, and theology. I hope you benefit and enjoy!
In 1 Peter 3:15 we are told to: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” Scripture exhorts us to be fluent in apologetics. In this world of postmodernism, our faith in Christ is being questioned more than ever before in history, in response God has raised a standard and has given us more evidence for our faith than ever before. Apologetics 101
The Apologetics Podcast

The Apologetics Podcast

Timothy Paul Jones and Garrick Bailey

Top biblical scholars join bestselling apologetics author Timothy Paul Jones and cohost Garrick Bailey to explore evidences for the truth of Christianity and to examine the greatest hits in the history of rock and roll from a theological point of view. Previously known as “Three Chords and the Truth: The Apologetics Podcast.”
Apologetics to Islam

Apologetics to Islam

Biola University

Nabeel Qureshi unpacks the culture, history, major teachings, beliefs, and attitudes of the Islamic faith. Beyond providing an incredible amount of factual information, Qureshi uses his personal conversion from Islam to Christianity in order to demonstrate tangible considerations for understanding this people group. In this seven part series, listeners can expect to learn about the deepest roots of a major modern religion.
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A new MP3 sermon from Crossroads Bible Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Exile Apologetics Subtitle: 1 Peter Speaker: Tim Karr Broadcaster: Crossroads Bible Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 7/12/2020 Bible: 1 Peter 3:13-18 Length: min.Από τον Tim Karr
Naturalists, according to David Papinau, author of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on naturalism, urge “that reality is exhausted by nature, containing nothing ‘supernatural’.” Naturalism “has no very precise meaning in contemporary philosophy” beyond this, along with an emphasis on science as a means to understand the natural world. …
In this episode, I will discuss why the possibility of miracles is so important when transitioning from defending God's existence to defending Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. I will explain and answer several objections to the possibility of miracles from philosophers like Baruch Spinoza and David Hume.…
Hello this is Brian Auten and I’m NOT joined by Chad Gross today, for reasons we’ll probably elaborate on next week. So we do not have a new podcast recording for you. However, I do have an older episode from 11 years ago I wanted to share with you. It’s my interview with J. P. Moreland. If you’ve listened to the podcast for any length of time you …
Greater-Good Theodicy – Good From Evil Looking at another explanation for why there is evil in the world, we turn to the Greater-Good Theodicy. With this, we see a focus on the good that is accomplished as a result of the evil that occurs. From the evil actions of people or evil in the natural world, God is able to produce an abundance of good. Jus…
This podcast is also available in video format on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2gGvCl4Kbbs What would you say to an atheist who says “I don’t believe your God exists. I just believe in one less God than you do?” This is part two of our special two-part episode recorded live at our Atheist & Christian Book Club featuring guest authors Timothy McGrew, a…
An Expositional study of the Psalms of Ascent.Psalm 122The city of Jerusalem, pilgrims, future of Jerusalem, Hebrew word study of Jerusalem, Davidic Kingdom, Pilgrims progress, Become a supporter and get unlimited questions turned into podcasts at: www.patreon.com/theologyandapologeticsYouTube Channel: Theology & Apologeticswww.youtube.com/channel/…
Every year leading up to Christmas, protestants and catholics celebrate Advent. Historically it has been met with the lighting of candles with each representing a different theme. Hope, Joy, Peace, Love and Christ. However, few if any truly know of its origins. What's to say that it's not just another "pagan" holiday to be done away with? Join Andy…
In this episode, Eli moderates this exciting debate/discussion on the topic of apologetic methodology. This discussion is an excellent resource in identifying the key differences between evidentialism and presuppositional apologetics. Enjoy!
Everyone is someone’s disciple. Someone is teaching you. Someone is attempting to remake you in their image. The question is: who? As a Christian, you need to consider the sources that are instructing you and your children (from church to the media to schooling). Not everyone can be right about the big questions in life, and some sources are outrig…
In this show, we discuss the topic of Covenantal Apologetics and its relationship to both believers and unbelievers. Covenantal apologetics seeks to bring Van Til’s presuppositional methodology into a more accessible and practical context. Join Jason Gallagher and special guest Grant Spear as they survey Dr. Scott Oliphint’s book “Covenantal Apolog…
Welcome to Catholic apologetics, led by Dr. Jim Dobbins, Author of Take My Hand: A personal retreat companion. Just finished an RCIA program? This is the next stop on your faith journey. These are intended to be discussions, not lectures. In these discussions we look at the different truths of Catholic doctrine and why we know they are true. We als…
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