The latest in Star Wars news, rumors and theories! PLUS Andor trailer! Ep 170

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Andor series being pushed back! But a new 3 episode premiere. We get the official Andor trailer to breakdown and its got some awesome surprises! Disney plus drops the ILM documentary of a lifetime! and LEGO Star Wars heats up! Star Wars news, rumors, toy reviews, Disney Plus shows, comic and books, canon discussion, and Star Wars theories from all around the galaxy! #starwars #starwarsnews #starwars #starwarsnews #starwarsnovels #bobafett #starwarstheory #ahsoka #grogu #kenobi #vader #bobafett Like, Subscribe and Share! Visit Rogue Toys! : If you are interested in being a Patreon we will be indebted to you... Grab Merchandise Here: https://sarlacc-digest-podcast.creato... For all your action figure stand needs and more: use promo code for 10% off!: sarlaccdigestpodcast Follow the Fallen Fett: RED 5 Network:

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