How To Survive The Awkward Holiday Moments

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Steer clear from a flare-up at the Thanksgiving table by avoiding these conversation minefields and diverting to a safer (and dare we say sportier?) one. 1. For any conversation involving politics Plenty of political and Hollywood icons once ran the sidelines. Samuel L. Jackson, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Meryl Streep and four former U.S.A. Presidents (Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Reagan and George W. Bush) all had spirit. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the marching band. In college, you would've found Halle Berry, Steven Spielberg, Alan Greenspan and Lionel Richie entertaining you in formation at halftime. Much safer than venturing into the political minefield at the dinner table. 2. When grandma asks you why you're not married…for the 10th time—that day. Tell grandma that a long-lasting marriage isn't a sure bet, but you know what is? The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys (NFL - National Football League) taking the field on Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving tradition started for the Lions in 1934 and 1966 for the Cowboys. So regardless of whether you're cheering for the winless Lions or the first-place Cowboys, one thing you can count on is these teams to play while you nap off your meal. 3. Your dog-obsessed aunt joins you for Thanksgiving lunch and brings her dog that she feeds from the table. For the dog who doesn't earn the title of best showing at the table, there's still hope to claim the title of "Best in Show." Thanksgiving also doubles as the date of the National Dog Show. And just like your uncle, who avoids anything with Cheez-Whiz, the judges have high standards too. They're not only looking for a dog with defined features, correct gait and fitness level but a happy dog that enjoys the competition, so each dog's expression and general demeanor receive extra scrutiny. 4. Your little sister keeps taking selfies, and all you can think about is how full you are. Be thankful you don't have to pass a post-meal jiggle test. Some NFL team's cheer coaches conduct "jiggle tests" to assess the firmness of the cheerleaders' bodies during the season, and if they don't pass the test, they're benched. During a regular-season many make, on average less than $10/hour. With practices, appearances and games, they put in 30-40 hour weeks during the season, but most are required to have a full-time job elsewhere. 5. When your sibling throws a dinner roll at you (You know it's going to happen no matter how old you are). Don't get caught up in the heat of the moment, unlike Kelly Stafford. Kelly Stafford and her QB husband, Matt, are new additions to the LA Rams roster this year. Matt and his team took a beating in last week's Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers. During the game, Kelly threw a pretzel at a taunting opposing fan. A neighboring Rams fan called her out on it, and she later apologized for her bad behavior on Instagram. Links: Five things you never knew about NFL cheerleaders:

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