S4Ep9: Preseason Greatness vs KC. Thoughts on Everything New. Dan's On Holiday, Who Takes His Seat?

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With Dan floating from Hawaiian isle to isle, it's the beautiful and talented Darren from Dublin taking his considerable seat this week, though you'll hear a splash of a sun-soaked Dan Doinks from time to time. We re-visit the Bears hot hot hot preseason debut versus the Chiefs. Which players stood out? Why did Eberflus look a little awkward on the sidelines? Is there tangible JF1 progress? Darren has a plan to overtake the Packers and gives his 10,000 mile view of what to expect out of the 2022 Bears. Some EPL talk as Villa stuck a sword in the heart of our Everton boys. Plus much much more, including a new tune about a LB needing some love.

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