Ambitious Immigrant woman Sanika Burke Joins me!

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SANIKA BHURKE lives in San Francisco, California. She grew up in Thane (a city close to Mumbai, India) and has experienced her life in the United States as an Ambitious, Single, Indian Immigrant, Working Woman. She knew early on she had a strong calling to coaching, spirituality, and being an advocate for mental health. On this path, she got certified as a life coach, is learning Ayurveda, and is constantly curious about the magic of the Universe! Sanika enjoys her career in the San Francisco tech industry in the field of cybersecurity and is grateful for the abundant opportunities and community she has access to. She is creating her own path on her journey to self-love, making a good life even better!

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Join the amazing Indian Immigrant Community.

This is an 8 week coaching space to connect and learn on topics that resonate with fellow Ambitious Single Indian Immigrant Working Womxn and feel SEEN in our experiences.

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