The FIFTH Best War of the Roses Of 2022

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We're counting down the five best War of the Roses of 2022! These Roses are some of the most hilarious, talked about, or interesting Roses of 2022 and deserve being honored with another go-around!
The FIFTH best War of the Roses featured Kim and Anthony who had been dating for almost a year and their anniversary was only a few weeks away, but they already had to deal with infidelity in their relationship. When they were first dating Anthony was seeing other women and didn’t tell Kim until they officially defined the relationship. Flash forward to now and they both share each other’s location with one another, but recently Kim got a notification that Anthony stopped sharing his location after she noticed he would stay at home and lie about going to work. At the same time, Anthony tried mass texting Kim so that she wouldn’t see the location notification and Kim is starting to worry. Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!

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