He Was Paying For Two Phone Accounts!

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Grace and Matt have been together for four years and recently just got engaged last month! They both actually own a house together for the past two years and Grace tells us that things had been a little rough before Matt proposed because Matt wasn’t contributing to their joint bank account which they both agreed to and that there was a charge for a Verizon account even though they have an AT&T account. Grace isn’t sure exactly what the charge is for, but she’s worried that Matt might be trying to take a step out of their relationship.
We call Matt pretending to work for the Fraud Department of his and Grace’s bank and when we ask him about the two separate phone accounts, Matt says it’s for his assistant. When we then ask Matt if he would like a free bouquet of flowers for his time, Matt asks if we can send them so someone named “M!” Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!

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