Derek Rae previews the Bundesliga 2022/23 season

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In this audio interview, ESPN and Bundesliga World Feed commentator Derek Rae discusses his predictions for the latest Bundesliga campaign.

Traditionally considered a one-team league, the Bundesliga shapes up for drama, and that starts with a busy opening weekend. ESPN+ holds coverage of the opening game on Friday, August 5, between Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer. Then, on Saturday, Derek Rae is on the call again from Signal Iduna Park as Borussia Dortmund faces Eintracht Frankfurt.

Rae brings up the departures from the top Bundesliga sides, and which replacements could make a huge difference in the league table. Plus, how can Werder Bremen and Schalke compete coming up from the 2. Bundesliga?

Moreover, these two sides could very well be in the relegation battle, always a testy affair with drama on the line.

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