Serie A Season Preview With CBS’s Matteo Bonetti

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In the latest edition of the World Soccer Talk podcast, episode 1439, host Kyle Fansler talks all things Serie A with an expert on the league. Matteo Bonetti is the lead Serie A analyst for CBS Sports and Paramount+. Plus, he is a frequent co-commentator alongside Dre Cordero for broadcasts of games.

Bonetti, a longtime fan and analyst for Serie A coverage in the United States, previews what should be a wildly entertaining Serie A campaign. Milan and Inter enter with high hopes, with the Rossoneri winning last season’s Scudetto. The other traditional big names in Serie A are challenging to predict. Bonetti also goes to the bottom of the table. There, it could be challenging for some of the newcomers to the league to stay up. One club, however, seems better than the others, and could very well maintain status in the top flight and then some.

The Serie A season kicks off Saturday, August 13, with title defenders Milan battling Udinese. Coverage of all 10 games this weekend is exclusive to Paramount+ in the United States.

Listen to the show via the player above or via this link.

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