The Brains and Brawn Company: Combining Digital and Physical Solutions with Robert Siegel

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Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.

This week I am thrilled to bring you this episode of the What’s Next! Podcast with Robert Siegel! Robert is a Lecturer in Management at the Stanford Business School. He researches strategy and innovation in both large and small companies, and how companies combine digital and physical solutions for their customers. He is also a general partner at XSeed Capital and a venture partner at Piva Capital. He sits on the board of directors of Luumopen and Avochato. Robert was previously general manager of the video and software solutions division for GE Security, with annual revenues of $350 million, and executive vice president of Pixim, Inc. (acquired by Sony). He is the co-inventor of four patents and served as lead researcher for Andy Grove’s best-selling book, Only the Paranoid Survive and recently published his own book, The Brain and Brawn Company. I am so excited to bring you this episode of the What’s Next! Podcast with Robert Siegel!

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… those leaders who want to learn how companies successfully combine digital and physical solutions.

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… The big takeaway here is that incumbents are not doomed, and disruptors are not ordained.

WHAT I LOVE MOST… the value of understanding the fluidity and fusion between the physical and digital worlds we exist in.

Running time: 33:38

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