Digital Body Language with Erica Dhawan

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Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.

This week I am thrilled to bring you this episode of the What’s Next! Podcast, an encore of my LinkedIn Live chat with Erica Dhawan. Erica is a 21st century collaboration expert and keynote speaker who has studied human innovation and collaboration for over 15 years. She’s written two books on collaboration, communication, and teamwork, Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence and Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance. I am so excited to bring you this episode with Erica Dhawan on the What’s Next! Podcast!

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… everyone navigating a digital environment, work emails, remote work, and colleagues with differing, digital communication styles.

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… The integration of traditional body language and digital body language matters now more than ever as we move to more hybrid forms of remote work and remote communication, across different digital communication styles and preferences.

WHAT I LOVE MOST… Erica believes we need to approach hosting virtual meetings like TV show hosts, and aim for more thoughtfulness, not more haste.

Running time: 36:08

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Digital Body Language Book

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