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IN THIS EPISODE: A man accidentally awakens angry spirits when relieving himself at the base of a tree. (The Sacrifice) *** Vampires in the movies lust after virgins. In real life, one of them lusted after a prostitute. (The Vampire Murder Mystery of Lilly Lindeström) *** What is it truly like to experience a ghost? Author G. Michael Vasey goes into detail about what he saw and felt! (I See Dead People) *** Was it a legitimate UFO sighting, or a hoax? We look more closely at the famous Straith Letter from 1957. (Straith Letter: UFOs and a Hoax) *** A mother bathing her children sees a black, shadow-like head peeping around the corner into her bathroom. And it continues to happen. (Bathroom Shadow Peeper) *** Loud noises, moving furniture, flying objects: You’ve probably seen it all in any modern paranormal film. But could you handle the real life experience of dealing with a violent poltergeist? (Five Violent Poltergeists That Terrorized People Around The World) *** Could the Mothman of Point Pleasant also have been responsible for the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? (The Black Bird of Chernobyl) *** Some events are so weird one doesn’t even know how to properly relate the story – and thus describes the life and death of Charles Francis Coghlan. (Bizarre And Unexplained Phenomenon That Defied The Laws Of Nature) *** Some people are obsessed with communicating with spirits through the Ouija board. In one case, it was the Ouija board that was obsessed with the users. (The Ouija Boy) *** On the surface, Charles Schmid was good-looking, intelligent and well-mannered. But then, many psychopaths look that way. (The Pied Piper of Tucson) *** A woman’s love for gardening continues even after she dies. (My Mother’s Flowers) *** In 1991 Austin, Texas, police entered a frozen yogurt shop – and came across a murder scene that could appall even the most hardened homicide detective. (The Yogurt Shop Murders) *** After months of being pursued by Will Orpet, young Marion Lambert gave in to his advances. But then he lost interest… and she lost her life. (The Girl In The Snow)
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