Introducing The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast

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Description: Enter the dark, twisted underworld of vampires in the official podcast about AMC’s Interview with the Vampire. Each week, writer/comedian/vampire-enthusiast Naomi Ekperigin will be joined by the actors and writers behind this adaptation of Anne Rice's classic novel – unpacking the twists and turns of every episode. You'll hear exclusive behind the scenes stories from the set and writers' room, plus deep dives into the history of the vampire genre. Horror experts will share how the vampire lore has changed and morphed over time – and what has compelled us to follow these terrifying, seductive creatures across centuries. New podcast episodes are available each week following new episodes of Interview with the Vampire on AMC and AMC+. The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast is produced by AMC in conjunction with Pineapple Street Studios.

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