Start-up Strategies for Women

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(UPDATE -- Airing this show on Wed., 3/25/09) Even in a tough economy, women put their dreams on the line every day and start new businesses. Karin Abarbanel, is the co-author of the new book, Birthing the Elephant: the woman’s go for it! guide to overcoming the big challenges of launching a business from Ten Speed Press. Part portable success coach, part action guide to the first 22 months of a new business launch, Birthing the Elephant offers the emotional and
practical support women need to deliver on their dreams.
Benefits to listeners – Karin will help prepare listeners for a lean launch by sharing her findings on:
• Making the shift from employee to entrepreneur
• Scoping out start-up options
• Surviving the emotional ups and downs of a launch
• Smart moves to make and pitfalls to avoid

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