James Heappey MP- Armed Forces Minister

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Veterans In Politics- Season 3, Episode 4 with James Heappey MP- Armed Forces Minister
In this Party Conference Special, Jonny sits down with Armed Forces Minister James Heappey MP. James is refreshingly honest and real in this episode, and it's clear that his military service is something that has grounded his values, following tough tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, in some of the fiercest fighting seen by this generation.
It was simply great sitting down and discussing his route into politics, the risk he took, and the successes he had winning a marginal seat in Wells.
We'd like to thank our two sponsors, JobOppo and Company X Consulting for their support bring this episode to you today.
In addition, we thank the Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces for their help, and you can find out more about them here: Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces – Join Today (cfarmedforces.org)
About James:

James Heappey was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Wells Constituency in May 2015.

James grew up locally and cares deeply for his local area. As a local resident he really understands the issues and pressures that communities face. He thinks hard about what the area needs and wants to use his time in Parliament to deliver the improvements needed to secure a strong and prosperous future for his part of Somerset.

Before entering politics, James served in the Army reaching the rank of Major. In a ten year career in the Rifles - the proud successor to the Somerset Light Infantry - James served on operations in Kabul in 2005, Northern Ireland in 2006, Basra in 2007 and Sangin in Helmand Province in 2009. He also served in Kenya and across the United Kingdom including time working for the head of the Army in the Ministry of Defence in London.

James is a very keen sportsman having competed at rugby, rowing and swimming at various levels over the last twenty years. He still enjoys the odd game of rugby as well as playing a bit of golf and tennis. He also loves to cook, especially when there is so much fantastic Somerset produced food to use as ingredients.

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