Cllr James Rands- PWRR veteran and reservist

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Veterans In Politics- Season 3, Episode 8 with Councillor James Rands
We continue our look at veterans in local government with Liberal Democrat Councillor, James Rands.
James is a former Regular Army Officer from the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (PWRR) and continues to serve in 'The Tigers' today in the Reserve Army..
James is our first Tiger to appear on the show, though he and our host Jonny share this Regimental link, as he too served in the Regiment. They talk about James's early career, his ordeal at the hands of ambulance chasing lawyer Phil Shiner, The Battle of Danny Boy in Iraq and how he has continued his service in local government.
About James:
BBC Two Danny Boy soldier from Tunbridge Wells opens up about Iraq war crime allegations - Kent Live

Follow James on Twitter: James Rands (@james_rands) / Twitter

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