25 Common Business Advice That Doesn't Apply To Us!

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Generic business advice doesn't work for us.
And why would it? Why would the advice work for a hairdressing salon, a computer shop and a tuition business?
In this episode, I unpack five concepts that I think paints an incomplete picture.
* Spoiler alert!*
Here are the five concepts that I think need to be reframed for education businesses:

  1. "Start by defining your target audience"
  2. "A successful business is scalable"
  3. "Launch, even if it isn't ready"
  4. "You need a logo and website"
  5. "Success relies on a great service or product"

In The Tutors' Mastermind (and in 1:1 coaching sessions), these are exactly the kind of areas we zoom into.

  • Deep-dive and map concepts to our businesses
  • Design strategies that work for us, our values and what we can commit to
  • Make sure we're all different so we stand out from the crowd

I hope you enjoyed listening!
- Sumantha
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