22 How To Sell To Schools With Karen Gibb

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If you're interested in selling to schools, you're going to love this value-packed episode.
Karen Gibb from Mind Marvels shares how she successfully:

  • Sells wellbeing workshops to schools
  • Created a presence that results in schools approaching her

She is so generous with her knowledge and experience; here's what I asked:

  1. What was your biggest challenge when you started selling to schools?
  2. Who's the best person to contact?
  3. How do you suggest people follow up after the initial contact?
  4. How did you get known by schools so they started approaching you?
  5. What's your approach given that you're selling something that's not related to an 'academic' subject (wellbeing workshops)?
  6. What advice would you give someone who's a novice in selling to schools?

I hope you enjoy!
- Sumantha
Are you a tutor? Would you like to grow your business with someone who 'gets it?'

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- Sumantha

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