15 The Power Of Email Marketing

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"It works in the background for you - once, I made a sale at 2am while I was asleep!"
Is it time to dust your email marketing strategy off the shelf and breath life into it? Perhaps you're not even sure if you need to go down this road.
Listen to my discussion with Helen Dickman, founder of Love Mondays Club, to get lots of actionable ideas and food for thought.
Here's what we talk about:

  1. Tips to build an engaged audience through email marketing
  2. How to keep people engaged so they don't unsubscribe or ignore emails
  3. Innovative ideas for tuition businesses

My recommended app: ConverKit

What you can do next:

  1. Book a free call with me if you'd like to see how I can help you
  2. If you're a tutor, check out The Tutors' Mastermind

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- Sumantha

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