Unsolved - Cracking The Baby Garnet Case

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Unsolved is a true crime podcast series from 9&10 News. Each month, David Lyden will dive into an unsolved crime in northern Michigan. We told you back in July how Mackinac County Deputies finally solved a 25 year old cold case using forensic genetic genealogy. The case of Baby Garnet is one that's haunted investigators since 1997. Investigators immediately went to work gathering what evidence they could. Reports from 1997 say an autopsy showed they baby girl was practically a newborn. In the meantime, the close knit community surrounding the campground named the baby 'Baby Garent' and gave her a proper burial at the local cemetery. Detectives chased down what leads they had, but were never able to make an arrest. Fast forward several more years, and modern day technology entered the picture.

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