S1 Ep1: 44 Minutes After Midnight

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In the first episode, UNFORGOTTEN host, Freddie Wilson, dives into Matt's Stewart's murder by speaking with local reporters, Megan Sprague, of the Mooresville Tribune, and Jonathan Weaver, formerly of the Statesville Record & Landmark, both whom covered Matt's murder in the press most recently. Freddie also interviews Matt Stewart's oldest daughter, Hannah Stewart, as she shares her experiences coming through the tragedy. The episode later examines odd comments made by Mike Lawson, the neighbor whose house Matt's widow ran to on the night of the murder.

Unforgotten: the Unsolved Murder of Matt Stewart is an independently produced podcast series which takes a detailed look at the still unsolved homicide of Matthew Ryan Stewart; a 31 year old father of three who was brutally murdered inside his Mooresville, NC home during the early hours of June 9th, 2009.

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