NightWave - Episode 63

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NightWave ...and all that jazz with John Nate - Episode 63, 30.09.2022 Depeche Mode. The band that trailblazed the many Synth and Electro genres making up a large part of the NightWave show. So this week, John Nate gives credit to DM in a tribute Episode featuring selected cover versions of Mode's classics. Including the likes of Marsheaux, God Module, and Apoptygma Berzerk among others. The Episode kicks off with one of the first verified covers of Behind The Wheel from Скрябін, the pioneers of the Ukrainian New Wave. Tracks used: Скрябін - Я твій пасажир Apoptygma Berzerk - Enjoy The Silence (1998 Studio Version) Marsheaux - Get The Balance Right Battery - Shame God Module - Little 15 Scooter - Stripped Background music: SynthKid - Devotion - Flash FM production, 2022. @flashfmpl Support NightWave - Support Flash FM - Ukrainian Independent Radio Завантажуйте наш додаток та слухайте радіо онлайн: iOS: Android:

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